FILM: House at the End of the Street (15)

Jennifer Lawrence takes time out from the blockbusting Hunger Games series to play a young woman in peril in Mark Tonderai’s nail-biting horror. Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) is still smarting from an acrimonious divorce and she moves into a new house in an idyllic rural town with her pretty daughter, Elissa (Lawrence). The family home is perfect and the locals seem lovely, then strange events begin to happen and Sarah and Elissa learn that the house next door was once a murder scene. A young woman killed her parents there and left her brother, Ryan (Max Thieriot), as the sole survivor of the carnage. Sarah is understandably reluctant to allow Elissa to forge a friendship with Ryan but her daughter is drawn to the recluse, venturing into the house stained by the blood of the past. Behind locked doors lie terrifying secrets and Elissa quickly realises that unspeakable evil lurks within her neighbourhood.

Released: September 21 (UK & Ireland), 100 mins.

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