FILM: Just Do It

AT a time of social unrest and strikes within the public sector, Emily James’s documentary examines the men and women who risk arrest to promote their messages about the environment.

For more than a year, the director was granted unprecedented access to clandestine activist groups such as Climate Camp and Plane Stupid, following a menagerie of colourful characters night and day as they pulled off daring feats including super-gluing themselves to the trading floors of a bank and attacking coal power stations en-masse.

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With the financial help of almost 500 funders and the assistance of more than 100 volunteers, director Emily James and editor James Leadbitter have cut down the 300 hours of footage to a 90-minute portrait of an environmental movement that believes in making a stand.

Released: July 15 (UK, selected cinemas) (12A, 90 mins)