Film review: Absolutely Anything (5 out of 10)

Simon Pegg has a strange movie career - one minute he’s rubbing shoulders with major stars in multi-million block-busters such as Mission: Impossible or Star Trek.
Simon Pegg with friend (voiced by Robin Williams).Simon Pegg with friend (voiced by Robin Williams).
Simon Pegg with friend (voiced by Robin Williams).

The next he’s appearing in low-budget comedies or light dramas that have very mixed reviews.

Pegg’s name is the draw for many audiences who expect to be entertained, but sometimes these movies are a bit too low-key.

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Absolutely Anything certainly isn’t a classic, but it might well amuse some people.

It has a remarkable cast that includes Eddie Izzard and Joanna Lumley but only Pegg gets chance to show his skills.

Of course this will be known as the final role for the late and much-missed Robin Williams. However, providing the voice for a dog is hardly testament and a lasting memory of his long career.

The plot see a bunch of aliens, all voiced by the Monty Python crew, seeing if the Earth is worthy of joining their gang of planets.

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They give a teacher Neil Clarke (Pegg) the power to wish for anything he wants.

However, all he really wants is to be with his neighbour Catherine (Kate Beckinsale).

The humour only really works when we see the result of Neil’s commands.

Joanna Lumley and Eddie Izzard are woefully under-used while the sub-plot of Catherine’s ex-boyfriend stalking her is over-played.

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Co-written and directed by former Python Terry Jones, it’s a noble effort but seems somewhat like a missed opportunity given the cast.

Film details: Absolutely Anything (12A) 85mins

Director: Terry Jones

Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Simon Pegg, Robin Williams

Screening courtesy of Horsham Capitol