Film review: Money Monster (4 out of 5)

We've seen quite a few movies and TV dramas in recent years about financial crashes, thanks to real-life disasters that have caused misery to many people.
Money MonsterMoney Monster
Money Monster

So Money Monster needed to be something different to make the grade.

Thankfully this film has enough going for it to grab and keep the attention.

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It’s well served by some very good acting and a plot that doesn’t always take the obvious routes.

You can normally expect a decent enough movie when you see George Clooney’s name and Julia Roberts always brings something to the party.

But Jack O’Connell is the one who brings the energy and humanity to the film.

O’Connell, from Derby, is destined for a very impressive career and has already shown his acting credentials in films such as Starred Up (2013) and ‘71 (2014).

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In this movie he plays Kyle Budwell (sporting a very reasonable American accent) who, wielding a gun, bursts in on Lee Gates’ (Clooney) TV financial advice show Money Monster.

Budwell has lost a lot of money investing in a company promoted by Gates and is determined to find out how he managed to lose all his cash.

Roberts plays Patty Fenn, Gates’ long-suffering producer, attempting to prevent a major disaster.

What could have been just another hostage story or financial crash drama actually turns into a decent thriller.

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Famous actor and now director Jodie Foster has to be commended for keeping the pace up, showing that a film can be around 90 minutes long and not suffer.

Film details: Money Monster (15) 98mins

Director: Jodie Foster

Starring: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O’Connell

Screening courtesy of Horsham Capitol