Film review: The Last Man On The Moon (4 out of 5)

Everyone remembers the first man on the Moon - but how about the last one?

The Last Man On The Moon
The Last Man On The Moon

This fascinating documentary follows the career of Gene Cernan who, in 1972, left his footprints and his daughter’s initials in the lunar dust.

The mass of rare footage and interviews with all those concerned paint an absorbing picture of a man with a burning ambition to take part in the Space Mission.

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Cernan himself takes us on a voyage of discovery as he re-visits many of the sites that featured so heavily in his career.

But it wasn’t all fun and excitement.

In 1967 Apollo 1 crew, and Cernan’s good friends, Roger Chaffee, Virgil Grissom and Edward White died after a fire in the spacecraft cabin.

Plus we discover that family life and being an astronaut didn’t really mix too well.

Cernan is a very eloquent man and all too aware of his failings.

However, he remains the very last man to have set foot on the Moon and this film helps us experience just a flavour of that remarkable journey.

The Last Man on the Moon is available on iTunes and On Demand.