Film review: Tomorrowland: A World Beyond (8 out of 10)

Many films down the years have tried to push a message to its audience.


You know the sort of thing - save the planet, be good to each other, be positive not negative.

I suppose Disney has been doing this most of its life.

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And the latest from the famous studios, Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, is no exception.

But the ‘message’ is rather hammered home in the latter stages and the assumption is it’s simple to change the way we all live - one big effort and everything will be OK.

But this is just a simplistic view that ends up feeling very naive.

However, putting all this aside and you’re left with a movie that has plenty to offer - good performances, amazing effects, and a story arc that proves far from predictable.

The plot initially involves young Frank Walker, a boy genius who is lured into a fantastic world by a young girl, Athena.

The story then moves to years later with another young prodigy, Casey Newton, getting into all sorts of trouble.

However, she finds a mysterious pin (badge) which, when touched, transports her into Tomorrowland.

In one breathless scene we see all sort of amazing futuristic devices, including the most amazing series of swimming pools.

Athena’s re-appearance, though, leads to some explosive moments and Casey meeting the grown-up Walker.

George Clooney plays the adult Walker and, as you’d expect, gives it his all.

And Hugh Laurie is very good as the main man in Tomorrowland.

But this is really all about the young stars - a Disney tradition that goes way back.

Britt Robertson who plays Casey Newton is a young woman who cut her teeth on TV appearances and is set for a good career.

Closer to home is the UK’s Raffey Cassidy who plays Athena. She is the latest actor pulled from a popular UK TV series (this time Mr Selfridge) who definitely makes her mark in this movie.

And even Thomas Robertson as the young Frank Walker is good in his short appearance.

While the film is long (130 minutes), I have to say it is well paced and there are enough plot changes to keep your attention.

Overall, a great family film though the adults may baulk at the ‘preaching’.

Film details: Tomorrowland (12A) 130mins

Director: Brad Bird

Starring: George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie

Screening courtesy of Horsham Capitol