FILM: Romantics Anonymous (12A)

The sensual delights of chocolate bring together two social misfits in this offbeat romantic comedy from director Jean-Pierre Ameris.

Jean-Rene (Benoit Poelvoorde) is the socially awkward boss of an ailing chocolate factory, who exudes an air of confidence in front of his staff but is timid as a mouse with the opposite sex.

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Equally shy Angelique (Isabelle Carre) secures a position as a saleswoman for the factory and unbeknown to Jean-Rene, she is also the talented chocolate-maker responsible for the dreamiest soft centres and pralines in the whole of Paris.

Though they both lack self-confidence, Jean-Rene and Angelique slowly reveal their feelings to each other as they set about saving the business by developing a daring new line of confectionery treats.

Released: December 2 (UK & Ireland, selected cinemas), 77 mins