FILM: Small Apartments (15)

Chris Millis adapts his own novella for the big screen, directed by Jonas Akerlund. Franklin Franklin (Matt Lucas) is a hairless eccentric who lives alone in an apartment complex with various other oddballs and misfits.

His neighbours include drug addict Tommy Balls (Johnny Knoxville) and Simone (Juno Temple), who Franklin watches intently with his binoculars.

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During an argument about the rent, Franklin accidentally kills his landlord Mr Olivetti (Peter Stormare) and then attempts to cover up the crime by taking the lifeless body back to Mr Olivetti’s house and staging a suicide, which includes setting the landlord on fire.

The hare-brained plan descends into chaos as fire investigator Burt Walnut (Billy Crystal) scents foul play and sets out to catch Mr Olivetti’s killer.

Released: March 22 (UK, selected cinemas) 92 mins