FILM: The Lords of Salem (18)

Rob Zombie writes and directs this blood-soaked horror movie about a radio station DJ plagued by horrifying visions of the past.

Heidi Hawthorne (Sheri Moon Zombie) and her colleagues (Jeff Daniel Phillips, Ken Foree) form the close-knit team on Big H Radio, which broadcasts to Salem, Massachusetts.

A vinyl record in an old wooden box arrives for Heidi with a card that reads “a gift from the Lords”.

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The DJ is convinced it must be a promo item from a new band and she listens to the record, which plays backwards and triggers unsettling flashbacks of the town’s violent and inglorious past.

When a second wooden box arrives containing tickets, posters and promotional items, Heidi and her colleagues anticipate a memorable gig but they are unprepared for the horrors that await them.

Zombie’s film is released simultaneously on DVD.

Released: April 26 (UK, selected cinemas), 101 mins