FILM: Up There (15)

Expanded from the short film Laid Off, Up There is an independent British comedy about life after death.

Martin (Burn Gorman) died some time ago and now toils day and night welcoming the recently departed into the afterlife.

His dream is to secure more gainful employment in the upper echelons of Heaven but those plans are jeopardised when he loses a new arrival and must join forces with a relentless chirpy junior called Rash (Aymen Hamdouchi) to track down his missing ward.

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Martin and Rash end up in a dead-end seaside town awash with sinister old biddies and arrogant teenagers, where a woman called Liz (Kate O’Flynn) is a suicide just waiting to happen.

While Rash prepares to be reunited with his brother Chunky, Martin searches for the lost soul.

Released: November 16 (UK, selected cinemas), 79 mins