Gallery: Knitting and photography combine to create incredible patterns

Brighton knitting enthusiast Nina Dodd and award-winning photographer Joseph Ford have teamed up to create a photography project utilising unique knitting patterns that blend into the background.

Photo: Joseph Ford.
Photo: Joseph Ford.

The project, that originally started four years ago, began when Nina was on a bus and wanted to design a jumper using the patterns she saw on the chairs.

Joseph was then directed to Nina via his wife and the two began working together.

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The project, called ‘Knitted Camouflage’, features on Nina and website websites. It can sometimes take up to 40 hours to knit one piece and half a day to shoot according to the two.

The jumpers are currently in possession of Nina although Joseph says that one day they would both like to put them in an exhibition.

How does Joseph find the locations?

“I walk around cities looking for locations regularly. Sometimes the places I find will fit into a current project, and sometimes I’ll note a place down and not shoot in it for several years, when it suits a particular idea.”

Not all the locations are in Brighton where the two originate however.

Joseph said that a few of them are in different countries.

Nina, known as the ‘Duke of Woolington’, is famous for her knitting skills and designs which have been featured in outlets all across the UK.

She has been working on knitting the West Pier where she has been taking knitted colour squares donated by the public to use in a bus-sized picture.

Nina has also worked on several other projects such as knitting a jumper featuring all the flags of the countries that take part in Eurovision.

It was mentioned by Graham Norton during the broadcast in 2012.

The talented knitter also created mankinis in 2016 featuring European flags on them.

Joseph Ford began learning French and Italian at the University of Cambridge and Ecole Normale Supérieure in France.

According to his website, he ‘horrified’ his parents by deciding he wanted to become a photographer.

Joseph has worked with American Express, Disney, McDonalds, Vodaphone and many other big brands.

It’s not the first time the photographer has used clothing in his work.

His project ‘Fashion Diptychs’ combines aerial shots of locations and combines them with clothes to complete the image.

You can check out more of Joseph’s work on his Instagram and on his website.