More local bands showcase their talent


Last Saturday, four more local bands showcased their talent to a packed crowd at The Black Dog pub in Northgate Crawley.

The first band of the night were RAISONNE a great four piece cover band from Crawley that played songs by the likes of ZZTop, Led Zepplin & OffSpring. They gave a great crowd pleasing performance.

The second band of the evening were called THE TAIL-END CHARLIES. This new young fresh indie band played a short set of interesting original songs to their fans and finished up with THE ARTIC MONKIES classic “I BET YOU LOOK GOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR” It was encouraging to see so many of their friends and families there to support them and I think as they grow in confidence they will become a great live act. The third band of the evening hailing form the Redhill area were TREVOR’S HEAD.

I have seen this band a few times and they always give a performance that in my opinion defines rock ‘n roll and on Saturday night they didn’t disappoint. They played a ripping set of quality original songs and finished with a great cover version of THE STOOGES “I WANNA’ BE YOUR DOG” After their performance they sold quite a few copies of their c.d’s and made a few new fans.

The fourth act saw the return of my good friends PRIME ADDICTION with their first live performances of 2013 after taking time out to gig and record with me it was great to see Kristian Lasham(guitar/vocals) & Michael Bennet(drums) reunited with Tom Lorna again(bass/vocals). PRIME ADDICTION played their first gig at one of my showcases 2 years ago and its great to watch a band grow and progress so much. Kristian Lasham also founded TRUE TONE STUDIO which is based in Bewbush and is open for bookings ([email protected]). The next band night at THE BLACK DOG will be on Saturday 30th MARCH and will feature live music from SHOT GUN STRAIGHT, WOLVES AT THE DOOR, ANAGRAM OF THIS, SEVERANCE + MORE. DannyDangerously