New book for Lancing author

Lancing-based children's author Gloria Eveleigh encourages phonics-based learning with her new book.

Gloria Eveleigh
Gloria Eveleigh

In it, she tackles the sound of the letter “n”.

As Gloria says, for some children, learning essential reading skills is a tedious undertaking. In an effort to renew excitement in discovering letters and sounds, she has created Neville the Nibalong is Scared of the Night: A Phonics Story Book for Small Children.

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“Neville the Nibalong is Scared of the Night chronicles the adventures of Neville and his neighbour, Nathan. The two fairytale creatures, known as Nibalongs, are afraid of the dark and decide to one day rise with the light and investigate the daytime world.

“They meet several peculiar characters throughout the day and embark on various adventures. However, in the end, their curiosity leads them to an unexpected truth: the daytime can be even scarier than the night,”

Neville the Nibalong is Scared of the Night is the sixth book in Gloria’s phonics/language series.

“Each instalment highlights a specific letter sound, and this particular narrative addresses the sound made by the letter ‘n’. In addition to sparking an appreciation for phonics, the book series serves as an entertaining reading activity for parents and children alike.

“The series was written originally to help my sister, who taught interactive classes for parents and toddlers. Neville the Nibalong is Scared of the Night teaches young readers about the letter ‘n’ and also fosters a love for learning. It is a must-read for children of all ages and adults will enjoy narrating the story as well.”

ISBN: 9781514447246 (softcover), 9781514447253 (e-book); available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris.

Now retired, Gloria was a scientist and then a social worker and manager. She loved to make up stories for her own children when they were small and now for her grandchild.