Peppa Pig is Worthing's summer holiday treat

Peppa Pig and her friends are back in a brand new live show Peppa Pig's Adventure, promising a new story, loads of songs and heaps of fun.

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig

The tour comes to Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre on Wednesday, August 8 and Thursday, August 9.

Peppa Pig’s Adventure marks the ninth consecutive year of Peppa Pig live theatre tours since 2009 and the fifth Peppa Pig stage production in total.

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Join Peppa as she gets ready to go on an exciting camping trip to the woods with George and her school friends, including Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep and Gerald Giraffe. With lunch-boxes packed and Daddy Pig driving the bus, Peppa and her friends are excited about their outdoor adventure, full of games, laughter and live music.

Richard Lewis once again takes the helm for this new live stage adaptation of eOne’s animated TV series which he directs and has adapted for the theatre. He has also adapted and directed the four previous Peppa Pig live stage shows. Richard sees it all as working a balancing act between offering the children what they know and offering something different.

“The children and parents who come along to see Peppa live on stage will have been following her adventures through the animated television series. They love to see all the characters and what they get up to. Here they have an added thrill because, there, in front of all their eyes, are their heroes in 3D talking directly to them and inviting them to come on their adventures. When Peppa herself walks on stage the children go absolutely wild with excitement!”

“I would think Peppa Pig was first on air in something like 2004,” Richard says, “and it started below the wire, just growing all the time. If you think of the big historical ones like Thomas the Tank Engine and Thunderbirds, they all started somewhere. But the interesting thing about Peppa Pig is that it still feels like new brand. It is still very modern, and in that respect, it is surprising how far it has gone very quickly.

“The licensors have nurtured Peppa Pig very well. They haven’t gone for a crazy smash and grab. They have developed the brand very carefully and very cleverly. And the two guys Mark and Nev, who create the animation, are key to the mix in the stage show. When we develop a new stage show, I brain-storm with Mark and Nev about which episodes might be good. They don’t write the stage show, but they are very much there.”

So what is Peppa Pig all about?

“I suppose the easy answer is to say that she represents family values. That’s almost the sociologist’s view. But I would take more the psychologist’s view. A lot of the children of pre-school age are asking what is this world and how do they fit into it. With Peppa Pig, they are able to look at the world through Peppa Pig’s eyes. She is described as a slightly-bossy little pig, and the children can watch her test things out, things like relationships and parents and Christmas and going on a plane. The children are able to look at the world through the filament of Peppa Pig’s eyes.”