Ryan's Sinatra tribute

Worthing's Ryan Mac, a baby born without a voice, offers his tribute to arguably the greatest singer of them all.


Ryan offers a solo performance celebrating the classics of Frank Sinatra – the singer who has provided Ryan’s greatest inspirations over the years.

Ryan’s show at the Steyning Centre on Saturday, October 14 at 7pm will also be his tribute to Bobby Darin and Robbie Williams amongst other big swing singers and their hits.

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The show is a fund-raiser for St Barnabas House hospice and also for the Trevor Mann intensive care baby unit in Brighton.

As Ryan says, he was born three months premature. His prospects were grim – 50 per cent that he would end up with cerebral palsy; 50 per cent that he would die. He managed to escape both fates and started to sing at the age of four.

“Apparently, they said that I wouldn’t have a voice, but I have!

“When I was four, I would be singing along in private to Robbie Williams’ Angels. But really I only started singing seriously two years ago.”

A big influence was Ryan’s grandfather.

“He was a massive Frank Sinatra fan. He died in 2009 sadly. But he always used to demand absolute silence when Mr Sinatra was on television.

“He would sit me down to listen to Frank Sinatra on the record player from when I was about four years old.

“And then my gran would come in and say ‘Turn Frank off! You love him more than you love me!’”

All these years later, Ryan’s show is his own tribute to Sinatra.

“You just can’t put into words what made Frank Sinatra so special. Frank Sinatra was beyond words. He was an amazing entertainer and a great singer and an easy, effortless performer.”

There was pure star quality to Sinatra’s performance – a style that put him in a class of his own, Ryan feels.

“The way he sang the songs was just unique to him. There is no one else like him. No one else could possibly ever do it in the way he did. You just can’t say what made him so incredible.

“My show is the music that people want to hear. I am making sure that people have a good time. You get to know the songs that people like and the songs that people don’t like, and I give it my all. I always give 100 per cent.”

Songs Ryan particularly enjoys singing include Mack The Knife, Fly Me To The Moon and New York – songs he sings in his own voice: “I don’t try to sound like him. At the moment, I am not a Frank Sinatra act, but this is my tribute to him. I am not a look-alike or a sound-alike. I could never possibly try to be the great man. There is only ever going to be one Frank Sinatra.”

Tickets for the show are available from www.ryanmacmusic.com.