Sherlock’s demise – How did he do it?

THIRTEEN-year-old reader, Duncan Stenhouse, sent us his views on what happened to Sherlock.

“Last night (January 16) on BBC1, Sherlock fans from across the UK gathered to watch the Series 2 finale of the modern day TV adaptation of Sherlock, and witnessed Sherlock Holmes jump from a rooftop while being watched by his friend Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman) and land on the ground and be carried away with no pulse by an ambulance.

Viewers later then witness Sherlock alive and well standing in a graveyard looking at Watson looking at Sherlock’s `grave’.

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How did he do it? Could it have been a dummy that fell from the building? Possible.

Here are some of my conclusions of what actually happened:

The Removal Truck

As Sherlock is falling through the air, we see John Watson being knocked down by a cyclist. As our attention is focused on John what is really happening? Here is my conclusion:

I believe he jumped into a removal truck that was parked by the building of which Sherlock jumped from, with blue and white rolls of fabric in. This van quickly pulls away after John Watson gets knocked down by the bike and regains consciousness.

Therefore Sherlock gets away alive. It was important that Watson was standing in the right position hence why on the phone call to John, Sherlock states “Stay there, keep your eyes on me” so he did not see the landing of Sherlock’s supposedly dead body and instead he saw a body that was made to look like Sherlock thrown from the van to the floor.

Was it even Sherlock’s body?

An unlikely however possible and simple solution is that it was not Sherlock’s body that jumped off the building as we could not see the victim’s face as he is jumping indicating that it could of been Moriarty in Sherlock’s trench coat with a wig on or someone unknown willing to die. However, this is not reliable as we could see Sherlock’s face on the ground covered in blood and as he is falling through the air. Molly

10 minutes before the fateful jumping of Sherlock he has a conversation with Molly, the lady who controls the post mortems at the hospital. He states “I think I am going to die” to which she replies “what do you need?” and Sherlock replies “you” meaning she could have had a part of the faking of Sherlock’s death by faking the post mortem credentials or the symptoms of the death.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

In the previous episode a hallucinogenic drug was used on the townsfolk to believe that a dog was in fact a hound. Could Sherlock have stolen some of the drug and used it on Watson and the people in the area at the time of the death causing them to believe he was dead whilst sneaking away? It is possible.

However unfortunately we will have to wait to Series 3 next year to find out the truth...

Duncan is a pupil at Durrington High School.