Brighton Fringe show explores cancer remission

Simon WaterfieldSimon Waterfield
Simon Waterfield
Simon Waterfield is in cancer remission. He is a writer. And he is a storyteller.

He puts all three together for the Brighton Fringe – “to increase the awareness of cancer and in particular how it affects one’s mindfulness.”

As he says: “This is a subject not much explored. I have written a book of short stories that explore how I was affected. I will be reading a few of these stories and hope that I can generate a conversation at the same time with interested attendees. Covid has made me decide to do them as live Zoom events on Sunday, June 13 at 7.30pm; and Tuesday, June 22 at 7.30pm. All proceeds from the book sales and from these events will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK

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His book is Ripple in Still Water, A Reflection on Life with Cancer, published by Amazon.

“It was written to raise awareness not just of cancer, but about how cancer affects the mindfulness not only of the patients but also of their family and friends. It is to reassure people that what they are thinking is not wrong and to help them deal with it.

“It is a series of short stories which reflect how I felt. It’s not the usual diary of a cancer patient. It is illustrated with photos of my life. The short stories are sometimes amusing, reflective, historical. It also has links to the music which has helped me and which is pertinent to the storyline of each story.

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2107 and had surgery, hormone therapy and radiation. During that time I started reflecting on how I was thinking about things and how it affected my life. The stories just came.”

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