Drip Action in action at the Arundel Festival

Drip Action’s 2021 Arundel Festival evening production is Not Talking written by the Olivier award-winning playwright Mike Bartlett (Charles the Third and Dr Foster).

Dawn Smithers - photo by Rosey Purchase
Dawn Smithers - photo by Rosey Purchase

The play was first performed on stage at the Arcola Theatre in 2018 and enjoyed an enthusiastic reception from both audiences and critics alike.

Dawn Smithers will be directing for Arundel.

“The cast of four comprises two couples whose lives are irreparably damaged by their failure to communicate.

“Constructed as a series of interwoven monologues, the play deals with the far-reaching consequences to each character of remaining silent. The play is a moving and compassionate piece of theatre with which we can all identify.”

Dawn has directed plays for Drip Action over many years.

“I am always on the look-out for unusual and challenging plays, and Not Talking certainly met those criteria. Working closely with all four actors was an enjoyable experience giving us the opportunity to explore each of the characters in depth.

“I have been very fortunate in my casting of the play.

“The older couple are played by Gill Medway and (Dawn’s husband) Stuart Smithers. Gill is a very experienced actress having performed on many occasions for Drip Action, including The Children in the 2018 Arundel Festival.

“She has also written a number of her own plays, successfully performed by other members of the company.

“Stuart has been a member of Drip Action for over 30 years having performed in many productions both at the White Hart in Arundel and subsequently at The Victoria Institute. Stuart also appeared alongside Gill in the 2018 production of The Children.

“The younger couple are played by Harry Rippon and Amanda Osborne, both of whom are new to Drip Action but no strangers to the performing arts. I have previously worked with Harry in a production of The History Boys at The Priory Playhouse in Arundel.

“Amanda is an up-and-coming young actress who is determined to make a success for herself in the theatre.

“As with my 2019 production of Mudlarks, I have once again enjoyed the experience of working with young people. Harry and Amanda have worked extremely hard on their performances and I am very proud of them. Both Harry and Amanda are very talented young actors.

“In common with all other theatre companies up and down the land, the pandemic has forced Drip Action to suspend its normal activities during the pandemic.

“There have been occasional online Zoom performances but Not Talking will be the first full-length live production staged by the company since it went dark 18 months ago.

“July 19 was Freedom Day for the theatre and we are now able to play to capacity audiences.

Not Talking will be performed at the Victoria Institute, Tarrant Street, Arundel from Monday to Saturday, August 23-28 inclusive at 8pm.

To book tickets via TicketSource, follow the link on Drip Action’s website.