Fringe comedy fun

Four performers just turning professional or newly turned will be hoping to make a name for themselves at the Worthing Comedy Festival Fringe

Two Englishmen, A Musician And A Scotsman Walk Into A Bar brings together

Englishman number one James Alderson, Scotsman Larry Dean, Englishman number two Russ Powell and musician Jonny Awsum - four of the best up-and-coming comedians on the UK comedy circuit in one bar (Bar Forty Two, Worthing, October 15, 7.30-10pm).

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Family-man James turned to comedy last year, and hasn’t stopped since. Portsmouth-based James admits he’s entered a competitive, crowded arena.

“Comedy is the new rock and roll. Everybody wants to have a go at it, and that’s great. You can’t move for open mic nights in pubs every single night, which is great. It does give people the worry, though, that they come to a comedy show not really knowing what they are going to get!

“But all four of us have had great reviews over the last year or so. We have all done some great shows, and that often helps when you are trying to explain to someone what it is that you do.

“I am lucky enough that I run a marketing company. It means that I can step out of the nine-to-five commitments and dip in and out of this, which is a real luxury. It’s also useful for the contacts and so on.”

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James has now reached the point where he is gigging four nights a week: “It is going great guns! You have just got to try to get stage time under your belt. You have got to get used to playing different-sized audiences.”

Larry Dean, meanwhile, has returned from a terrific run of shows and gigs in Edinburgh to bring his finely-honed Glaswegian humour to the south coast.

Sharing the bill, Jonny Awsum provides the answer to the question: What happens when you mix music, comedy and parody?

Tickets are £4.