Ghost - The Musical arrives on the Brighton stage

Don’t worry too much for Rebekah Lowings, our Molly as Ghost – The Musical returns to the UK with dates including Theatre Royal Brighton from Tuesday-Saturday, February 19-23.

Ghost - The Musical
Ghost - The Musical

Yes, she will be going through unimaginable sadness on stage, but behind the scenes, the crew and company are keeping her happy.

“It is one of the most challenging roles I have ever played, but also the most rewarding,” Rebekah says.

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Famous first as the double Academy Award-winning movie starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, the story now comes offered as a musical with book by Bruce Joel Rubin and score by Dave Stewart and Glenn Ballad.

Walking back to their apartment late one night a tragic encounter sees Sam murdered and his beloved girlfriend Molly alone, in despair and utterly lost. But with the help of Oda Mae Brown, a phony storefront psychic, Sam, trapped between this world and the next, tries to communicate with Molly in the hope of saving her from grave danger…

“What makes it rewarding for me personally,” Rebekah says, “is that the cast and the crew have just become like one big happy family. You go through all the emotions on the stage, but backstage we are all just having the best time ever.

“We do three matinees a week and on those double days you have got like double the sadness to get through, and if you are sad for four hours a day, then it could easily fall into a pattern. You have got to be able to find that balance, and that was particularly difficult at the start, but the show itself brings so much hope and love as well. It brings grief as well of course, but there are so many amazing qualities that I think by the end everyone leaves the theatre feeling full of joy and love and hope.”

Rebekah took over the role in September last year and is going through until May: “And I think it is one of those roles that changes you as a person. It is such a beautiful role to play. You have to find that state inside yourself and go there. But Molly is lovely. She is great. She is everybody. She is a typical girl. She is in her early 20s, she is young and she absolutely loves life. Molly is the tomboy, she is 100 per cent the human being. And she has so much energy.”

And no, you simply can’t take on the role without thinking of Demi Moore: “You have to draw on the film. Demi Moore was brilliant. She was the original. It would be rude not to draw on the film! She is just such a beautiful actress. I have drawn on her, but I like to think I have also added my own thing. I like to think I have added a bit more spice, made her a bit more feisty. But she is still such a lovely, lovable warm character.

“But at the same time she has grown up in New York. She is not stupid, and so when someone comes to the door saying they are in contact with someone who has passed away, of course, she is not going to believe it.

“But it is also such a great strong role. She is one of my most favourite roles I have played.”