Hands-On Half-Term from Brighton Science Festival

Brighton Science is promising Hands-On Half-Term from October 27, November 3 in various venues around Brighton, “helping kids to grapple with the big issues some adults are trying to ignore.”

Brighton Science
Brighton Science

Spokeswoman Phoebe Bunting said: “What skills will our children need to face the future? As well as encouraging a host of crafty hands-on skills, we will be running workshops that tackle big ideas through creativity and play.

“During Hands-On Half-Term children will envisage and model a fossil-free city; make art inspired by biodiversity and marine conservation; and engage with the tools of critical thinking to make sense of the increasingly bizarre online world. The future belongs to the kids – this could be the most useful fun they ever have.”

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Events coming up include

Children build a Fossil-Free Brighton

“Popular children’s science magazine AQUILA are getting children to help them redesign Brighton for a carbon-free future. As the Extinction Rebellion shows, children are rightly concerned about the climate crisis which has been created by their parents. On Thursday October 31st Aquila will arrive with their materials; children and parents will show up with their imagination, and the determination to rebuild Brighton, to make the future better.”

Genius Brighton: Fake News!

“Learn how to spot fake news, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and logical fallacies. Critical Thinking – one of the most important skills you can give your children! And actually the parents will learn a thing or two!”


“Only 11% of the UK’s engineering workforce are female. Robogals are creating tomorrow’s engineers today – join them for a taster session to navigate a robot through a maze. You don't have to be a girl, but it always helps.”

The Detective Project

“Forensics is the place where serious science meets pulp fiction. There has been a murder. You are at the crime scene - the murderer's identity sits in front of you in plain sight, yet invisible: a finger print; a stray hair. You have to search for clues, then use some forensic magic to solve the crime. And you are only eight years old! Genuine detectives will help young people learn a useful and transferable skill on Tuesday 29th as part of Brighton Science's Hands-On Half Term.”

Observatory Science Centre

“We used to think stars were fixed points of light in space. Modern astronomy shows that it's a white-knuckle ride out there. Recent discoveries into exo-planets and gravity waves are making space exciting all over again. Study the stars up close at a visiting planetarium with the help of expert astronomers and full-dome immersive films.”

Hacking with Python and Minecraft

“Programmers are the architects of the future. Learn the basics of coding and use your programming skills to hack the Minecraft game.”

Phoebe added: “Hands-On Half-Term is a week of interactive workshops and shows during October half-term. There will be over 50 events happening around the city, allowing children and their parents to code robots, handle animals, learn science songs, cook with chemicals and much more. There will also be plenty of spooky science for Halloween involving gruesome experiments, macabre crafting workshops and eerie escape room games.”

Brighton Science is a local charity that has been organising fun educational events since 2005. Director Richard Robinson says:

"School is concerned with passing exams and getting things right. Science is concerned with having adventures and getting things wrong. You need an investigative mind to work out what’s wrong and solve problems. That’s what Hands-On Half-Term is about.

“A lot of what we do has no right or wrong answer. When I watch teams of children playing round the tables at work shops I see ideas appear from somewhere; the ideas get passed around, sometimes they’re chucked away, sometimes they come back later. And no one person owns those ideas. It’s kind of how science evolves, and it’s great fun to watch."