Hurly-burly Theatre Company back on Worthing stage

Hurly-burly Theatre Company are retuning to Worthing’s Ardington Hotel with a double bill of new plays, written by two members of the company.
Hurly-Burly in action last year (contributed pic)Hurly-Burly in action last year (contributed pic)
Hurly-Burly in action last year (contributed pic)

You can see them on Thursday, November 16 when there will be two performances – at 12 noon followed by lunch and at 7pm followed by dinner in the Indigo Restaurant. The event costs £32. Tickets on 01903 230451 or you can visit the website to book and find out more about it all at

Resident writer Gill Medway said: “I’m delighted to welcome a fellow writer to this month’s programme, Liz Downes, who is also one of our talented actors. It’s Liz’s first time writing for us, and her brand-new play, The Letter P, is quirky, funny and a real crowd-pleaser so our audiences are in for some fun.”

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In addition, the programme includes Take a Seat by Gill, featuring a lovable character called Freda.

“She’s a London rough diamond, an observer of human nature and an incorrigible busybody,” explains Gill. “Her favourite park bench is the ideal place for an interesting encounter and in Take A Seat she’s called upon to tackle a dilemma of some magnitude. At least, that’s the way she looks at it.”

Freda isn’t an entirely new character. Audiences may remember a play called How Will I Know You? featuring Gill and Liz, when Freda made her first appearance back in 2019.

“I love writing characters who have more to them than meets the eye,” says Gill. “My Northern charlady, Violet Brimley has appeared in five short plays for Hurly-burly, and I’ve really enjoyed playing her. But I’m actually from London – though not strictly a Cockney – so I felt it’s high time for a London character.”

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Liz added: “The Letter P is a real contrast. We’re introduced to Harold Phillpott, who seems to have no idea why he’s wandering round in his pyjamas, clutching a mysterious file. But when all is revealed, the truth is stranger than you could ever imagine.”

Liz and Gill are joined by comic actor Russ Bravo, known to many as the face of Matt’s Comedy Club.