Living fantasy in World Of Legend

Magic, illusion and fairytale are what Rye's World Of Legend is all about.

Legend Quests in Rye with Oliver McNeil
Legend Quests in Rye with Oliver McNeil

The venue just off the Mint in the town centre is home to unique interactive storytelling adventure shows which feature theatrical sets, monsters and puppets, as well as regular magic shows in The Theatre of Wonder.

World Of Legend was set up by fantasy portrait photographer Oliver McNeil who realised a life-long dream of creating a space to enchant young and old.

Oliver has been working in theatre and the fantasy genre for over 29 years. He started from an early age by running his own interactive fantasy games in his local woods and progressed to creating theatre sets in London for the likes of Damien Lewis and Joseph Fiennes.

Over the last 12 years his fantasy portrait business, which started life in Hastings, where he had studios on the Pier and the Old Town, has featured in many national magazines such as Vogue and the front cover of Doctor Who magazine.

His work has involved being Tom Baker’s official photographer and Oliver has become known one of the most successful fairytale portraits artists in the UK.

The World of Legend and its Theatre of Wonder is “a culmination” of his life’s passion and he describes it as “a bespoke parlour theatre space which has been specifically designed for fantasy and magic.”

He said: “The Legend Quests interactive adventure storytelling show utilises monsters, puppets, sound and lighting effects. The shows are set in an alternative 1750s England but where the stories of the Brothers Grimm and fairytale are real. The shows also incorporate magic, team work and scares. Each month there is a new story. So far the audience has experienced evil sorcery, werewolves, ghosts, and travel into the Astral Realm. So far the audience has returned again and again to experience the next adventure.

“The Theatre of Wonder is also the only Magic And Mind reading theatre in the south east. Already it has hosted international acts David Zambuka and The Jack, who came from Argentina.”

For dates of upcoming Legend Quests or magic shows go to or call 01797222942.