Mig Kimpton promises Chichester floral extravaganza

Mig Kimpton’s Tale Of The Golden Goose promises a floral extravaganza in Chichester’s Minerva Theatre on November 30 at 7.45pm.

Mig Kimpton
Mig Kimpton

Multi award-winning floral designer Mig will combine his theatrical past with his floristry experience to provide an evening of flowers, feathers and wintery thrills.

Watch him create stunning floral designs fit for any home as he unfolds the tale of the Golden Goose.

Who has kidnapped her? Will she lay a golden egg? And you might just win one of his exquisite designs to take home.

“During lockdown I wrote a story and it kind of verges on fairy tale. I have never written anything before. It just flowed out of me. And I just thought I would bring it to life with flowers. I wanted to tell the story and make it humorous and funny and cute and sweet and do it with flowers. That was my plan for Christmas 2020 and then the Prime Minister told us all to stay at home.

“When my agent said did I want to get a tour together this year, I was desperate to get out there and make this happen. He did the bookings and I brought the show together. Originally we were due to do seven dates but like lots of other theatrical presentations we are finding the audiences are a bit reluctant still. We have moved one to next year and we have had to cancel one as well. But Chichester in its wonderful way is very loyal and the tickets are looking really good for Chichester.

“There is such a great following for the theatre in Chichester – and I am so pleased to be bringing this show to Chichester.

“The audience come in and the stage is practically empty and during the course of the evening I construct some designs. It’s a bit like a magic show and the designs are constructed in front of the audience and I tell the story. It’s all very tongue in cheek and I also give the audience an update about what is going on in my world. By the end of the show the stage is full of flowers and the story is told and audience names are pulled out of the hat and they get to win the designs to take home.”

It’s a show which brings together the two sides to Mig’s career, the theatrical and the flowers: “Throughout my theatre career it was all pretty high powered stuff, running venues, running tours and my last job in theatre was as executive director of the Arts Theatre in London. Flowers were always my go-to thing. Some people bungee jump. I was a flower arranger. There is calming aspect to flowers though not if you are doing a competition! But I think it is the idea of painting with flowers that has always been part of my floral journey. You realise that emotions are always attached to flowers. I have done weddings and I’ve done funerals. Flowers have great emotional context and I love the fact that they are only around for a short period of time, a week to ten days, and then they’re gone and then you create a new design.

“It was my way of being creatively expressive especially when my day job in theatre was all about spreadsheets and contracts and in the West End it was always about toilets and rubbish! In the West End it is always about toilets and rubbish!

“And one day I woke up and thought it is time to leave the theatre and concentrate on flowers. I’m very fortunate to have had that second arm in my life.

“I left the theatre in 2014. And I do think I’m a different person now. When I left the theatre I thought I would go back. I thought I would miss it a bit after 34 years but I haven’t had that inkling to go back even though I’m myself on stage now which is still to me disconcerting. I never wanted to be an actor! But I have got my magical props, the flowers.

“It is absolutely not a lecture. It’s great fun and it’s very satisfying, and it is lovely to share my passion with people in a theatre with this show.”