New comedy club in Hastings

Leo Kearse is the guest at a new comedy club in Hastings, The Filthy Bartlett on Thursday, December 2 at @EQHQ, 153-154 Queens Road, Hastings.


Spokesman Tom Bartlett said: “Leo is the real deal. Winner of the Scottish Comedian of the Year title as well as the Chelmsford Comedian of the Year award, his content is often seen as controversial, but his presentation of thought-provoking material and gentle prodding of the overly woke will leave everyone in stitches. He’s used to playing bigger venues around the world, so it’s a great opportunity to see an international TV comedian at the top of his game play in a snug, intimate venue in little old Hastings.

“For true aficionados of the stand-up game, this is the one show that is not to be missed. When he’s not on TV or the stage, he presents the 3 Speech Podcast (available on YouTube) with Nico Yearwood and Darius Davies, which has got to be one of the best comedy podcasts in the world. A great place to warm up for his arrival in Hastings.

“Scottish Comedian of the Year winner, Leo Kearse, is part of the new wave of raw, bold, American-inspired comedians taking UK comedy clubs by storm. He has headlined leading clubs in the UK and abroad, including The Comedy Store and toured in over 20 countries. In his early career, the award-winning Scotsman won the Chelmsford Comedian of the Year award.

“He has made multiple appearances on the BBC, including The Edinburgh Festival, Funny Business, Rap Battles, Big Talk, Question Time Extra Time and Daily Politics. He has also been on ITV’s Dinner Date and Sky’s All Out Politics. His TV writing credits include Mock the Week (BBC Two), The Mash Report (BBC Two), Breaking The News (BBC Scotland) and Question Time (BBC One).”