Sami Stone ponders language and the natural world for the Brighton Fringe

Slipskin by comedian Sami Stone explores language and the natural world for the Brighton Fringe.

Delving into her very personal story and relationship with the flora and fauna of the planet, Sami discusses the rise of technology, seemingly at the expense of the natural world and ultimately, children's wellbeing and mental health.

“Many nature-related words like buttercup, fern, bluebell and dozens more have been removed from the Oxford Junior Dictionary to make way for the likes of broadband, celebrity, chatroom and so on,” Sami says.

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“They are disappearing words in a disappearing world and robbing the today's youth of the magical childhoods they deserve.

“Removing the words is not necessarily harming anyone, is it? Or is it a black cloud of prophecy, swelling with inevitability? This show seeks to repair that.

“Laughs and positivity come from inspirational progressives such as Iceland and New Zealand with their approach to environmental treaties.

“Topics up for discussion include the US retreating on the Paris Agreement; McDonalds and other corporations' pledge to stop deforestation; the coining of the phrase compassion fatigue; St Francis of Assisi; the butterfly alphabet and much more.”

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The venue is Junkyard Dogs, Venue 28, 142 Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0JG. contributions based on your love of the show. Reserve free tickets with venue or by emailing [email protected]. Dates 8pm on May 26 and June 2; plus 1pm on May 19.

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