Tribute band aims to impress with accurate Quo sound

A Status Quo tribute band is bringing the legendary musicians’ brand of boogie rock to Horsham and Crawley,

Horsham-based Quo-Caine heads for The Wingspan Club, Crawley, on Saturday, March 2 and The Capitol, Horsham, on Thursday, May 9.

Robbie Holder, on rhythm guitars and vocals, said: “Each gig starts off with me blasting out the first few bars of ‘Caroline’.

“When all the band come in the sound and feeling is awesome.

“It’s a thumping song and when it finishes and the crowd cheer we go straight into the next song.

“It’s like that for the whole two and a half hour gig with a bit of fun and banter mixed in.”

Quo-caine formed in 2004 and consists of five members – Robbie Holder, Andy Hosegood (lead guitarist), Carl Sigward (drums), James Batchelar (keyboard) and Colin Eccles (bass).

Robbie said: “I’ve been friends with Andy Hosegood since I was 12.

“We’ve always had similar tastes in guitar based music and it was a natural progression that we’d both learn to play.

“While I was working with Carl Sigward our drummer, although he’ll deny this, it was his idea to start a Quo tribute band.

“I chatted to Andy that night and there it began.”

Robbie said he and Andy had already been in a band with keyboard player James Batchelar, who was also a fan of Status Quo.

He said: “As soon as we started rehearsing we knew we had something special. That was nearly 10 years ago – that’s a quarter of our lives.

“I can’t imagine not ever being in this band.

“Colin Eccles joined recently and with his technical knowledge and fresh ideas he has really helped us drive the band forward.”

All band members strive to recreate Status Quo’s trademark sound with impressive accuracy. The band has also put a lot of effort into creating replicas of Francis Rossi’s and Rick Parfitt’s Fender Telecasters.

Robbie said: “I’d like to thank our regular fans as they are a loyal bunch. They are normally the first to rush to the dance floor, which seems to give the first timers the excuse they were looking for to join them. We’ve never had a bad gig. It seems everyone has a soft spot for a 12 bar boogie and our set list is extensive and varied with all the hits.”

The Wingspan Club gig starts at 8.30pm. Call 01293 462383 or visit The gig at The Capitol starts at 7.30pm on May 9. Call 01403 750220 or visit