Worthing to stage 'the greatest book show in the south'

Author Natasha Murray is promising Worthing 'the greatest book show in the south'. The UK Southern Book Show will be in town on March 4.

Natasha Murray
Natasha Murray

“During the cold winter months, I just love to find a quiet corner, curl up with a fantastic book and have a hot coffee on the side. Reading is my guilty pleasure. I am not alone and believe that millions of others do this too.

“By reading, we are opening up our minds, visiting imaginary worlds, juggling characters in our heads and remembering detailed plots. Without knowing it, when we read, our memories will improve and we can stave off the winter blues. It has been proven that our minds develop after reading and we are less likely to feel depressed.

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“I am an author and like to think that I am an architect of the imagination. Writers craft and create a tale to, we hope, intrigue and entertain those that love books. Tears and coffee are spilt as we endeavour to produce a book with a shiny cover and crisp pages that smell like heaven. The hairs stand up on the back of our necks when we think of you turning to page one. Writing is a compulsion and a passion, and we are delighted to share our work with you and take you on an extraordinary journey.

“Bookshops are good places to find a book but did you know that only around one per cent of books published each year are actually on the shelves. There are some amazing books to be found online and my novels are there floating by in the sea of books along with millions of others from across the world.

“It came to me one day that it would be a great idea if UK authors came together on a regular basis and showcased their books so that everyone had the chance to see their creations and buy some amazing books.

“I decided then and there that I would create such an event. This is how the UK Southern Book Show came to be.

“I hunted high and low for UK authors and asked them if they would like to come down to Worthing on March 4 and bring with them their books to sign and sell. The response from authors has been phenomenal, and they are all looking forward to meeting readers and inspiring new authors. Much to my surprise, being quite a shy author, nearly everyone wanted to get up on stage and do readings, talk about the craft of writing or speak about publishing. The speaking programme is wide-ranging and entertaining.

“The UK Southern Book Show is a free event, giving an opportunity to those that love books to meet 60-plus authors from the UK, listen to readings and learn about writing and publishing. This is a chance for everyone to discover and buy some great books – fiction, non-fiction, teen and children’s books.”

The free event is on Sunday, March 4 from 9am-6pm at the Pavilion Theatre, Marine Parade, Worthing.