Richard Esling

Spain’s stunning modern wines

With the re-birth of Spanish winemaking in the last forty or so years, some stunning wines are now produced by this country, perfectly targeted at the modern consumer.

A selection of Austrian wine

Austria now producing quality wines

Often forgotten amongst the wide range of wines from around the globe, which are available to us in the UK, the wines of Austria are now highly acclaimed both by wine experts and wine lovers all around the world.

Tasting at a Dourthe Chateau

The benchmark for Bordeaux wines

“Since 1840, we have developed a distinctive culture that can be defined as a special bond with the soil, team spirit, a love for the finer things and a quest for perfection.”

Wines for a white Christmas

May all your Christmases be white

The turkey’s on order, the Christmas cake and pud are maturing quietly in the larder, while being ‘fed’ vast quantities of brandy or rum to ‘mature’ them and the red wines (last week’s column) are stocked in the cellar.

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