Attempts to start deliberate fire at Bexhill cafe

Fire crews suspect someone tried to start a fire deliberately at a cafe in Bexhill by lighting a menu.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue (ESFRS) crews were called to the café in Egerton Park on the morning of September 8 where there was evidence of an attempt to start a fire by lighting a menu.

This has prompted the fire service to remind businesses to protect themselves from arson attacks.

This comes at the end of the National Fire Chiefs Council’s Business Safety Week (September 6 – 12) which aims to make businesses aware of their fire safety responsibilities, so they comply with legislation to keep both premises and occupants safe from fire.


ESFRS gave the following advice:

• Lock external doors and windows

• Close any gaps under doors where lit items could be pushed through

• Install a metal basket behind the letter box to catch any post before it hits the floor

• Close internal doors

• Check there are no unauthorised people left on the premises

• Maintain good housekeeping of storage areas and rubbish containers

• Switch on security lighting and intruder alarms

You can find out more about risk assessments and free training at: