Bosham gym opens to community

When Derek Garner opened CrossFit Bosham last summer he could never have imagined just how important his enterprise would become to the community.

CrossFit Bosham ( Affiliate of Crossfit ( — for more info: or call 07515 441605
CrossFit Bosham ( Affiliate of Crossfit ( — for more info: [email protected] or call 07515 441605

So much so, in fact, that he has now opened a bigger gym to accommodate a burgeoning membership.

And to help celebrate the business’s success, Derek and his team are throwing open the doors to the 3,500 square-foot premises for a community open day on Saturday, September 3, when people from Bosham and its surrounding villages are invited to pop in and check out the facilities.

They can also chat with members and even take part in family boot camp workouts to demonstrate CrossFit, with refreshments provided.

The business expansion to the new Delling Lane unit comes as a milestone Derek could never have foreseen when he first tried CrossFit six years ago. He chose this particular exercise discipline because of its excellent results based on constantly varied, functional movements performed at a relative high intensity.

He explains: “After my second knee surgery at the age of 34 I was recommended CrossFit to gain strength around the injury and wow, what a journey since then!

“The amazing thing about CrossFit is that you don’t have to do it on your own -- it’s a community. And at CrossFit Bosham it’s no different and in actual fact, the emphasis on community, camaraderie and celebration is more than you would expect. CrossFit Bosham stands for local community.

“A tag line we use is 'building strong community’ and it’s so true. The members not only feel, and look, stronger physically, the obvious benefits from training regularly, but also are stronger together emotionally and mentally.

“There’s a real feeling of togetherness in the classes and a celebration of individual achievements and efforts. Each session run by a passionate coach who has trained to give you physical training but also lead you as a team through your workout of the day.

“I’m a community minded individual and believe in village life. We’re all here to help each other in whatever we can, together we are better. CrossFit is no different, it takes all to support one and especially in health and fitness. It’s hard to stay on track and stay focused and a good community around you helps with that.

“The gym is accessible to all ages. We currently run golden hour classes for seniors, and kids' CrossFit classes for primary school ages but the new space allows us to run more classes for different age groups.

"My heart is to see a local gym supporting local people. Everybody needs to work for health and therefore a CrossFit gym is open to the young, the old, the able, the not so able, the brave and the meek.”

*CrossFit Bosham ( Affiliate of Crossfit ( — for more info: [email protected] or call 07515 441605