Brighton Digital Festival: Five must-see events (September 8-15)

Brighton Digital Festival: Five must-see events.

I Dream of Wires

Venue: St George's, Kemp Town

Dates: September 9

Times: 7pm

A new and hugely-entertaining documentary about the demise and phenomenal resurgence

of the modular synthesizer - exploring the passions, obsessions, and dreams of people who are dedicated to this esoteric electronic music machine.

Bitcoin, Related Technologies and the Local Economy

Venue: The Dock Hub

Dates: September 11

Times: 6pm

Could local businesses and consumers benefit from the use of bitcoin? Investigate what bitcoin is and its applicability

in the local economy - look at cryptocurrencies in general and consider latest developments in this exciting technological space.

The Acid LIVE

Venue: The Haunt

Dates: September 11

Times: 7:30pm

Inspired by alchemical processes and nature's transformations, this live performance uses pioneering image-making techniques with bespoke audio reactive and motion-tracking projection systems that allow the installation to react in real time to the band's musical performance as one unified living system.

McNeil and Pamphilon Go 8-Bit!

Venue: Caroline of Brunswick

Dates: September 11

Times: 8pm

Comedians performing gaming-based comedy stand-up/sketches/songs, as well as battling on classic video games - each round, the loser will receive some horrible punishments. Plus, you'll get to compete too, for Ultimate Glory...

Dark Ride

Venue: Lick Warehouse

Dates: September 12-14

Times: Friday 6-10pm; Saturday and Sunday 11am-5pm

Based in Lick's amazing warehouse in New England House, Persistent Peril and Paul Hayes's installation takes the form of a psychical miniature dark ride made out of Lego monorail track, which you can "ride" via an Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset.

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