Brighton YouTubers announce partnership with Swedish sustainable startup

Sustainable and social impact startup A Good Company announces a long-term partnership with Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes – two of Britain’s most influential vloggers – to widen its  audience of climate-aware consumers.

Zoe and Alfie
Zoe and Alfie

The collaboration is a long term partnership and will be visible on both Brighton-based Zoe's and Alfie's respective channels, where they will be talking about the benefits of sustainable everyday products.

Zoe, most notably known for her YouTube channel with 4.8 million subscribers, is a British vlogger, businesswoman and author. Together with partner Alfie, vlogger and author with 4.87 million subscribers to his channel, the couple will highlight the importance of climate-aware consumption to their community.

“With this partnership we hope to bring our sustainable everyday products to a wider audience in the UK. Zoe and Alfie each have a strong, aware and smart community and we hope to inspire them to start thinking more about climate-aware consumption and ways of life. We love that Zoe and Alfie are passionate about this and we are excited to start this journey with them,” said Anders Ankarlid, founder and CEO of A Good Company.

Zoe said: “I'm really excited to be partnering with A Good Company. I really love what they stand for and feel so inspired by their mission to have a really positive impact on society and the

people in it.”

“I’m so proud to be partnering up with A Good Company. I’ve been gradually switching out more and more of my everyday products for their sustainable equivalents over the past few months and couldn’t be happier with them. Working closely with the team behind A Good Company is also super inspiring as they’re all so incredibly passionate about their jobs and that only makes me even more proud to be partnering up with them," added Alfie.

This is the first strategic partnership A Good Company has embarked upon since launching in March 2019.