Busy first day for Bognor's new board game shop

A board game shop in Bognor Regis held a grand opening on Saturday (June 25).

With a tombola, a raffle, balloons and plenty of customers, Alfie’s Board Games enjoyed a 'very big' grand opening on Saturday (June 25).

Based in Central Avenue, North Bersted, the boardgame shop specialises in a menagerie of preloved board games – everything from Scrabble, to Monopoly, to Risk.

Stock comes from a range of charity warehouses up and down the country, which means customers never know exactly what they’ll find – or how old it might be. Alongside newer versions of kitchen table classics like Cluedo and Mouse Trap, Alfie’s Board Games also stocks a variety of classic and retro editions; enough to make that nostalgia kick all the more potent.

It's a team effort: John Hammond and family

"People would just keep coming in and saying ‘I remember, I remember’,” said owner John Hammond, “It made for a really nice day.”

For Mr Hammond, the grand opening was a long time coming, but, now Alfie’s Board game shop is open, it was more than worth the wait.

"We had been looking, but we hadn't found anywhere that felt right for us. But this place feels right.

"It’s like a little Tardis; from the outside, it looks tiny, but you walk in and it just goes on and on and on. And that's what people kept saying.

"I think it’s because we’re slightly quirky, we offer something slightly different.”

To find out more about Alfie’s Board Games, visit the shop’s Facebook page or head down to their Central Avenue store in person.

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