Chichester exhibition highlights tapestry from across the world - when and where to see it

Heallreaf offers an exhibition of hand-woven tapestry from across the world at Chichester’s Oxmarket Contemporary.
Hellreaf - Benthe Ibsen from Denmark with her workHellreaf - Benthe Ibsen from Denmark with her work
Hellreaf - Benthe Ibsen from Denmark with her work

The exhibition runs from Tuesday, September 13-Sunday, September 25

Organiser/curator Margaret Jones said: “Heallreaf is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 2015 solely to organise tapestry exhibitions and to promote excellence in this hand-woven medium.

“The Oxmarket Contemporary is the second of three venues.

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"We started in Sedbergh in Cumbria in May and will be moving on to the RBSA in Birmingham in November.

" The exhibition attracts works from all over the world.”

Three prizes will be awarded at Heallreaf. One of them, the Curator’s Prize will be awarded by Margaret, the curator, on Sunday, September 18 at the Meet the Makers event from 2-4pm.

“Using centuries-old weaving techniques the exhibitors produce beautiful thought-provoking works. There are no medieval maidens or unicorns here but vibrant images, sometimes representational, sometimes abstract, based on subjects such as climate change, social injustice or the displacement of populations. Just as medieval tapestries told stories, these works will also produce a startling contemporary narrative.

“We have 36 pieces of work in the show plus one extra piece on loan just for this venue.

" It is a mid-20th century French tapestry called The Watchman, and the design is of a kind we rarely, if ever see in the UK.”

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