Cloud-based HR firm taking off

Cloud-based online HR software company, breatheHR, has announced that since its launch in March 2012, it has attracted over one hundred clients including dozens of Sussex SMEs such as Plumpton Racecourse, PVL and TekExpress.

With the economic climate forcing many small businesses across the region to keep a much tighter reign of their finances, demand for the breatheHR system, which helps SMEs reduce the costs associated with managing staff, has exceeded expectations.

“Cloud based HR systems provide two primary benefits to small businesses: cost-savings and flexibility,” explains Jonathan Richards, of Southwater-based breatheHR.

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“Because files and applications can be accessed remotely over the internet, this allows staff to work wherever they are which in turn can empower and motivate employees.

“Smaller companies no longer have to worry about software downloads or maintenance, thus saving resource and money.”

Client Sam Francis, commercial director of Crawley based TekExpress, added: “Although we currently only have a team of nine people, the administration needed to support and manage them is extremely time-consuming and one of the jobs that I used to put to the back of the queue.

“The HR system allows me to manage company holiday bookings and performance management online and I’m seeing huge benefits in time saved.”

breatheHR has calculated that an average business with around 50 staff spends 125 hours a year (that’s 17 lost work days!) just managing holiday requests for their staff, using outmoded HR methods. For more visit

breatheHR also calculates that for a company of 25 staff, managing holiday allocation can waste up to nine working days. 12th February 2013,

Horsham: Cloud based HR software company breatheHR, today announced a significant update to its online HR software platform with the addition of Kudos, a feature which allows employees to acknowledge and reward the great work of their colleagues.

The breatheHR platform enables clients to simply automate many of the core HR processes and with the addition of Kudos, employees are encouraged to use the intuitive dashboard to post positive comments and updates about their colleague’s achievements for the company.

Kudos can also be simply configured so that access rights and visibility of comments can be attributed to staff according to their position. It also offers an additional reason for staff, at all levels, to engage with the service and ‘self serve’ an array of HR processes such as booking holidays or accessing personal HR documents for things like appraisals and reviews, reducing time spent performing routine HR activities. For simple tasks such as managing holiday requests this can amount to 125 days per year (for companies with around 50 members of staff) using traditional HR processes.

Phase two of the Kudos roll-out will see an additional layer of features including deeper gamification with the ability to reward staff with virtual badges as well as setting up targets of achievement, exporting reports for employee reviews and the ability to distribute information about company activity.

Jonathan Richards, CEO and founder of breatheHR said: “The addition of Kudos extends our vision: to help companies move from traditional HR practices to online people management, empowering employees to take control of their personal development and at the same time, reducing the costs of this essential aspect of business.”