800 new jobs on offer at Gatwick if airport expansion plans go ahead

Up to 800 specialist construction jobs could be created at Gatwick Airport by the mid 2020s if the airport’s expansion plans are approved.

The airport is currently staging a public consultation on its proposals to bring its ‘emergency’ Northern Runway into routine use.

The 800 construction jobs will be part of 18,400 extra local jobs that could be generated at Gatwick by 2038.

A spokesman for the airport said: “Further training, education and procurement opportunities for local businesses will also be supported by proposals in Gatwick’s Outline Employment, Skills and Business Strategy - OESBS.”

Up to 800 construction jobs could be created at Gatwick Airport if plans to bring its northern runway into routine use go ahead

The 800 new jobs will include professional level management roles as well as electrical engineers, plant operators, ground workers, concrete placing specialists, steel erectors, cladding and glaziers, building management system and fitout specialists, split across the development of the Northern Runway, taxiway alterations, works within terminal buildings, car parks and highway projects.

Gatwick chief technical officer Cedric Laurier said: “The opportunities presented for local employment, education, skill development and business through Gatwick’s Northern Runway project are incredibly exciting for the region.

“To be able to offer 800 new jobs in construction alone is great news for both the current workforce and even schoolchildren of today.

“But it’s not just construction that will benefit. A wide variety of skills and levels of experience will be required as the airport operation grows and these benefits flow out across the local area.

“We are excited to be able to work with local schools, further and higher education providers, industry bodies and other organisations to ensure the local population can access the education and skill development provision required to benefit from future airport jobs.”

Gatwick Diamond Initiative executive director Jeff Alexandersaid: “Gatwick Airport is the epicentre of our regional economy, and plays an important role in attracting and retaining businesses in the Gatwick Diamond, strengthening the diversity of our economy.

“Gatwick’s plans for the northern runway and its continuing commitment to invest in its infrastructure offers opportunities for employment, retaining a skilled workforce and the continued economic success of the region.

“We strongly commend Gatwick’s plans to support local employment alongside further training, education and procurement opportunities for local businesses.”

Gatwick says that part of its new strategy involves using its procurement process to provide as many opportunities as possible for local businesses to be included in the airport’s supply chains, as well as encouraging investment in local businesses.

It also outlines the airport’s commitment to developing local education provision, with plans to work with local education providers, employment broker agencies and skills partnerships to provide long-term work experience programmes, an expanded apprenticeship programme, and graduate entry programmes.

Gatwick has started a 12-week public consultation on the plans, which closes on 1 December. See www.gatwickairport.com/futureplans