Sallie-Anne runs a sausage dog hotel in Petworth

Sussex Sausages Hotel: In pictures a hotel just for dachshunds

The Sussex Sausages Hotel has been in Petworth for the last three years but the business has been in existence for 15 years.

Sallie-Anne Field, who owns the hotel, said: “We moved to Petworth as both my son and husband play polo so we thought we could combine both our passions and look for a house that would suit us and the dogs.

“When we found the house there were paw prints in the tiles I just knew it was the house for us.”

The family got their first dog when their son was six and the most dachshunds they have had is 10.

The hotel offers day boarding and longer stays.

As well bed and board Sallie-Anne also offers the dogs pampering such as nail clipping and treatments  including laser, with everything under one roof.

The dogs that stay at the hotel have a trial before its first visit.

She said: “We need to make sure the dog is polite and will get on with the other dogs so they come for the day and see how we get on.

“They can be very stubborn dogs but very affectionate and love snuggling as they are lap dogs.”

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