Brighton mum launches sustainable nappy brand

Despite the challenges brought on by a global pandemic, children's illustrator Aless Baylis has launched a brand new business.

First collection
First collection

Pim Pam is a collection of cloth nappies and sustainable accessories. After having her first daughter and with baby number two on the way, Aless decided to apply her skills as an illustrator to the cloth nappy market and introduce her own beautifully designed range.

Aless has previously created designs for Paperchases, children's clothing for Debenhams, Nike and Roxy, as well as children's books.

Pim Pam nappies are available in eight unisex designs and suitable for all ages from birth to potty training. The size of the nappy is easily adjusted with snaps, which unlike Velcro closures, won't deteriorate with washing or snag clothing.

Pim Pam nappies

For added convenience, Pim Pam nappies feature a pocket design, which allows busy parents to quickly add or remove the nappy’s reusable insert with ease. This also gives parents the freedom to use their own choice of inserts to suit their baby's needs. All this practicality doesn’t come at a cost to the environment either, Pim Pam’s nappy inserts are made from absorbent bamboo, which was specially chosen because of its small carbon footprint.

The Pim Pam range also includes reusable bamboo baby wipes and a leak-proof wet bag with a tough waterproof zip to use on the go.

Each of the eight nappy designs were created by Aless Baylis, who hopes the range will fulfil a gap in the market for design-led, durable and reliable cloth nappies.

The stylish, scandi-inspired designs include cute characters such as cats and colourful fruits as well as a clean, classic grid design and an abstract geo print pattern. There’s certainly something to suit everyone in Pim Pam’s collection of bold designs.

Making the switch to reusable nappies can save you around £1,475 over two years. There is also the environmental impact to consider.

Pim Pam’s founder Aless was concerned about plastic waste and the amount of waste being sent to landfill. Disposable nappies take around 500 years to degrade and with the average baby needing over 2,000 nappies a year, that’s a lot of plastic waste. This could be significantly reduced, by choosing to make cloth nappies part of your routine. Finally, cloth nappies like Pim Pam are much better for your baby’s skin as they don’t use any of the harsh chemicals that disposable nappies do.

Speaking about the inspiration for Pim Pam and the realities of launching a new business the in current climate, Aless said: “After having my daughter, it was the first time in years that I hadn’t been working as an illustrator and I started to think about what the next step in my career would be.

"At the same time, I was looking into cloth nappies for my daughter and struggling to find any prints that appealed. That’s when I began to realise, I wanted to create a truly useful product that was at the same sustainable and would help reduce plastic waste.”

“Like everyone, we’ve been affected by the global pandemic, both as a family and as a new business. For me, the shortages experienced early on into the pandemic really highlighted the need for reusable products and more sustainable ways of living.

"This feeling only grew with the lockdown preventing many people from getting out to the shops too. It made me more determined than ever to pursue my goal of launching my own sustainable brand. It hasn’t been easy getting this far but it’s all been worthwhile, and I can’t wait to share Pim Pam with the world.”

Pim Pam cloth nappies and accessories are currently available from the website prices start from £17.99.

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