The Crown Inn in Lewes restored to its former glory

The Crown Inn in Lewes is nearing completion of its full restoration and conservation.

Wednesday, 28th October 2020, 5:03 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th October 2020, 5:06 pm

Lewes-based property development company Crown Developments and Cheesmur Building Contractors have been converting and restoring the building back to its former glory.

The landmark Grade II building has been converted into flats and commercial space.

Crown Developments said its aim was to ‘restore it back to the high street reincarnated in a more viable way’.

Picture: Sparks Property

Steven Sparks, of Crown Developments, said: “I originally spotted this building whilst watching The Hotel Inspector and was immediately attracted to this amazing building.

“I have watched this building slowly decline over the years and always felt it was such a loss to Lewes historic.

“Eleven years later and we have been fortunate enough to become its custodians.

“We have worked with the building and the Lewes conservation officer to restore as much as possible – and add to many period features that unfortunately had been lost over the years.

Picture: Sparks Property

“The renovation on this building has been extremely thorough – we are confident that the building will stand for another 400 years!”

The Crown Inn was formerly a hotel and public house once featured on Alex Polizzi, The Hotel Inspector. But the building suffered years of decay, Crown Developments said.

Steven said: “Unfortunately, the previous landlady was fighting a losing battle with a building that had suffered years of decay and lack of maintenance by the previous freeholders.

“Fortunately, Crown Developments eventually came to the building’s rescue and had the vision for this 400-year-old building.

Picture: Sparks Property

“The completed project will consist of nine high end boutique apartments and ground floor commercial space.

“The landmark Grade II building is opposite the war memorial providing the front flats with a grandstand view of Lewes Bonfire along with amazing roofscape and downland views.”

Steven contacted Lewes Swift Supporters and worked in conjunction with them and the contractor to have placed two double Swift nest boxes in Market Lane.

He said: “Lewes has a thriving Swift Colony and they have high hopes that they will be nested in next year when they return.”

Picture: Sparks Property

The flats and commercial units are currently being marketed by Oakley Property in Lewes and works should be completed by early 2021. he added.

Picture: Sparks Property