How two Sussex ‘Clutterflies’ are thriving on de-junking homes

Fed up with housework? ... Drowning in clutter? Help is at hand from two Sussex mums who positively thrive on tidying up.

So much so that Cherry Morgan and Julie Phillips - known as the Clutterflies - have turned their tidying talents into a booming business.

They launched the Wisborough Green-based Clutterflies service just over a year ago and have since gone from strength to strength.

They take on a range of projects big and small, from de-cluttering whole houses to wardrobe streamlining.

Cherry Morgan and Julie Phillips

“We started right at the deep end by doing two probate properties,” said Cherry.

“We wanted to respect the deceased owners and their families by finding a home for everything, and making sure we didn’t miss anything in the piles of belongings.”

Their favourite find was a watercolour sketchbook hidden among heaps of war-era Navy brochures. “We promptly delivered them to the Maritime Museum.”

Cherry, who has three school age children, enjoyed working as a virtual PA before teaming up as Clutterflies with best frined Julie, also a former successful career woman and mother of three grown up children.

Julie Phillips and Cherry Morgan

And since their launch the duo have worked with a range of clients from young families overwhelmed by their busy lives to divorced women downsizing their properties - and professionals who just don’t have time to organise their home lives.

“We have loved working with all of them, hearing their unique stories and building strong relationships,” said Cherry

“We’ve often been booked for three-hour slots and ended up working for multiple days, sorting out more areas of their houses than the owner ever thought possible.

“The notion of ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ holds true, but lots of people just don’t have the inclination - or time - to sort through their homes.

Julie Phillips and Cherry Morgan get set on streamlining a wardrobe

“Julie and I always chuckle and reassure our clients that our houses definitely aren’t perfect by any means.

“In fact, we often go into each other’s homes to sort a few things out.”

The pair say that the year ahead is looking so busy that they are now considering taking on more ‘Clutterflies.’