Mystery of who owns the Bognor Regis cycle racks

A town centre business owner is trying to get to the bottom of a baffling mystery... Who is responsible for the cycle racks outside his shop.

George Mitchell who owns Mitchell’s Travel and Never Just Coffee in London Road, wants to move the racks along the street by a few metres so he can lay out more tables and chairs to enhance the retail experience for shoppers.

But he has tried calling Bognor Regis Town Council, Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council to try to find out who owns them and after two months the puzzle has left bewildered George scratching his head.

He said when he opened the business he applied for a pavement licence and was allowed four tables.

Mystery surrounds who is resonsible for the cycle racks outside Michell's Travel

Now he would like to increase that number in line with other London Road businesses.

He said: “We want to help breathe life into the town centre after what have been a very destructive year or so caused by lockdown.

“Businesses have been mortally wounded and folded, others have survived and want to go again.

“We are in the latter category. We bucked the trend recently when we opened our business in what was a vacant lot from our online operation.

“Now all we are asking for is a bit joined-up thinking.

“If we can put out more tables and chairs and cater for more al fresco customers it’ll be a boon to our trade and for the shoppers and their overall experience.

“Instead we are inhibited from doing so because of where the bike racks are positioned.

“I must have made 30 calls to various bodies to try to fathom just who owns the bike racks but no-one can seem to be able to give me a definitive answer.

“No one will take ownership. It’s all extremely odd and totally mystifying.

“I just hope at least I can get an answer from one of the councils so we know where we stand.”