New coffee shop to open in Lancing - 'People are going to get a unique experience'

A specialty coffee shop is set to open in Lancing.

Adam Moseley, who used to work with the emergency services, is set to complete his career change by opening up the new shop, Tamp & Grind, in South Street – opposite Penhill Road.

"People are going to get a unique experience here because I put my touch on it,” Adam said.

"I have a conversation with every person that comes in by default. I chat with my customers and find out how their day is going and will serve a very high quality product.”

Since December 2022, Adam has been running a mobile tuk-tuk – outside the Gardner & Scardifield store – which will remain open until the new store is renovated.

“My original spot was in north Lancing at Miller & Carter before I got approached by Gardner & Scardifield, who are big in West Sussex,” Adam said.

"They suggested me coming to park outside their hardware store in Lancing. I started trialling that in January. I was doing a couple of days a week and it's gone from there.

"About a month ago, they suggested I move into their lightning and homeware store opposite run it as a coffee shop. We are in the process of re-fitting it at the moment.”

Adam said he will be filling a gap in the market as ‘no one in Lancing has ever done specialty coffee’.

“In my opinion, there's no competition in Lancing," he said “I've concentrated on getting it right, with coffee my primary focus.

“At the moment I just do light snacks, nothing savoury. When I move to the coffee shop, I will have a bakery delivered every day of the week.

"I have also found a local Italian guy who bakes focaccia every morning. Those will be my offerings.”

Adam said he is ‘completely switching’ from his previous career to focus on his coffee shop business full-time.

He explained: “I've had a year of experience. My previous coffee was experience was just teaching myself at home.

"I've been obsessed with it for many years. I am on my 12th or 13th coffee machine at home.

"I am looking at the high end stuff for a different market.

“I shared the news on my own social media and had hundreds of likes and lots of positive comments.

"I expected that from people that follow me but, when I shared it on local Facebook groups in Lancing, I anticipated there being some negativity from people who think there's plenty of coffee in Lancing. I can't say there's been a single negative comment.”

On his website, Adam said the aim of the business is to provide customers with the ‘highest quality coffee and snacks’ – while ‘supporting local businesses and communities’.

Adam plans to hold the official opening day for the new shop on Sunday, October 29.

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