The Ivy coming to Chichester?: Potential opening of new restaurant would be a 'huge plus for the city'

Excitement is building in Chichester after plans for an Ivy restaurant were revealed.

The chain, known for its 'upmarket brasseries and neighbourhood cafés', wants to open a restaurant at 89-91 East Street — a site previously occupied by Topman/Topshop.

Troia (UK) Restaurants Limited has applied to Chichester District Council for the grant of a premises license. Alcohol would be sold on and off the premises, whilst there would also be late-night refreshments and live music.

These are the proposed licensable activities and hoursChichester BID said it is 'very positive' about the potential opening.

If approved, the new restaurant will open in East Street, Chichester. Photo: Kate Shemilt

Vice chairman and CEO Helen Marshall added: "A restaurant brand of this strength and calibre will really complement the current offering within the city and bring much needed night time economy activity to the centre of the city."

Judging by the reactions on social media, the vast majority of people share those sentiments.

Commenting on the Observer Facebook page, Matt Horstead wrote: "Fantastic news! A huge plus for the city, and will attract more retailers in and around it."

Pauline Likely agreed that an Ivy restaurant is 'just what this city needs'.

Robert Clout also thought it was 'excellent news', adding: "It's my anniversary in October. I hope it's open by then."

Katia Callander, who is excited by the prospect of live music, said she will be keeping her fingers crossed that the application will be approved.

Lesley Swan wrote: "Fab news. We’ve just driven up to The Ivy in Guildford and we said how much Chichester would benefit from having one. A big yes from us!"

Elaine Gray said he hopes the plans are approved as they are 'lovely restaurants'.

Caroline Lander is also thrilled that her 'favourite restaurant' could be coming to Chichester.

However, not everyone agreed.

"Do we REALLY need another restaurant in Chichester?" asked Derek Hatch. "A new HMV would be nice."

Another social media user, named Boris Frankenstein, had a similar view.

He wrote: "Another restaurant? At this rate we'll have a street of them.

"A entertainment store would be nice again as we only have CEX and lost HMV and Game (and further back) MVC."

Andy Wingate also thinks that there are already 'too many cafés and restaurants in Chichester'.

Lynn Strange wrote: "We need some decent clothes shops. All Chichester is is restaurants and cafés. Honestly do we need any more?"

Susie Sue Hodgkins shared her concerns about a potential 'expensive restaurant' coming to the city.

"Chichester has always been a friendly bustling city, full of working class people spending their hard earned wage in the town," she commented. "There is very little left to entice people back in and an expensive restaurant wont bring the majority back."

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