Petrol prices in Sussex: This is where you can buy unleaded for 184.9p on July 7 - and it may be one of the cheapest in the area

A Chichester garage was selling unleaded petrol for 184.9p per litre on July 7 – some 10p cheaper than local supermarkets.

While unleaded petrol prices have been nudging toward the £2 per litre mark on many forecourts, the low price was attracting huge interest from motorists, although there were no queues when we visited.

At the start of lockdown two years ago, the price of petrol went as low as 99p per litre at some local supermarkets – but those halcyon days are well behind us.

Today, anything below 185p is regarded as something of a bargain.

Texaco garage, Lavant Road, Chichester

One customer said they thought this was the cheapest price in the area.

Another thought you would struggle to find a better deal elsewhere in the UK.

Do you know of a cheaper price today? If so, e-mail us the details at [email protected] and we will be pleased to share it with our readers across Sussex.