Sussex train strikes: Taxi firm says 'there's a lot of panic'

A West Sussex taxi firm has told of the panic being felt as rail strikes knock the county.

While Southern Rail staff are not striking themselves, the national action is severely affecting all journeys on Southern Rail, Gatwick Express, Thameslink and Great Northern between Tuesday 21 June and Sunday 26 June.

Deborah Finah is a director at Starline Taxis based in Chichester.

She has said, while staff are prepared for the week ahead, it is not going to be easy.

Starline Taxi offices in Market Road

Speaking to Sussex World this morning (Tuesday, June 21), Deborah said: “There is a lot of panic and ‘how am I going to to here’. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time. We have lots of people come from around the world coming to Rolls-Royce and they are being affected at airports too.

"It doesn’t matter what business you have these days – there’s a shortage [of staff]. But I have got a good load of guys here that go above and beyond which is why we have got the reputation.

"I will try and accommodate as best as I can but I may have to say no unfortunately.”

While this week’s situation is particularly bad, the Starline Taxi team is prepared.

Deborah added: “It’s not something that we have not dealt with before, but it’s like dominoes – once it starts it all starts tumbling down.

"But it’s not so bad at the moment.”

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