West Sussex brewery creates beer for our NHS heroes

A West Sussex brewery has dedicated its latest beer to our NHS heroes.

Brolly Brewing, in Wisborough Green, racked the hoppy homage last week and will barrel-age the beer in time for a party at the brewery next year.

Co-owner of the brewery Brook Saunders said the bitter was brewed on the same day the government closed pubs and bars across the country so he sought help from fans of the brewery who suggested he dedicate it to NHS workers.

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Six NHS workers were put forward and pictured as superheroes on the beer's pump clip. All money made from selling the beer will also be handed to NHS charities.

The pump clip showing the cartoon faces of six NHS heroes

Horsham woman Jen Oliver works in a GP practise as a practise nurse manager. Hard work and organisation has kept things at he practise from getting too difficult, she said.

The mother of two told this newspaper: "It's been fine. We are a well organised practise and we pre-empted PPE.

"I do like dark beer," she said, "I'm looking forward to trying it once all this is sorted. It's really nice to have it as a cheerful thing rather than the sombre feel to the world at the moment."

Jen has been working in the NHS for 30 years and said she enjoys it: "It's good. It's a rewarding job."

Horsham woman Jen Oliver works in a GP practise as a practise nurse manager

Graham Silander, from Cuckfield, works as an emergency medical technician in Brighton. Is he a fan of beer? 'Big time', he said.

"I was quite excited when I heard about the type of beer he made."

Graham has been working in his current role for the past 16 years on the front line.

"It is interesting at the moment. We never know what we are going to get. We haven't been short on PPE and I have been wearing PPE according to all the regulations.

Another fan of dark beer is Joe Clark, from Horsham, who works at East Surrey Hospital.

"At the beginning there was a real feeling that we were all very much at risk and that it was inevitable."

He compared working on the front line to a lottery and despite his prudence with PPE, Graham contracted the virus himself.

"It's wonderful. It's a really nice and I'm a little bit embarrassed but as a committed beer fan I'm very happy. I'm really grateful Brook has done this - it's a really nice touch.

"It's nice to see there's a lot of love out there for the NHS."

Another fan of dark beer is Joe Clark, from Horsham, who works at East Surrey Hospital.

"It is a bit stressful at the moment but all good. Every day I just turn up and do my job and I enjoy it."

Things have not been plain sailing for the charge nurse. A colleague has been placed intensive care after contracting the virus.

"It is fantastic to be recognised even if it is at the cost of so many sick people. From my point of view there are absolutely hundreds of thousands of people working in the NHS. It is everyone from the porters to the managing directors.

"I for one will be drinking the beer with a smile on my face."

Brook Saunders said: "The idea came from two places really. Firstly the Brolly Beer Truck Group came up with the idea of NHS. Secondly it was because we felt a little helpless stuck at home and wanted to do something to help."

Find out more about the beer here: https://www.brollybrewing.co.uk/beers