Physiotherapist gives advice on how to look after your body when home working

Most of us are working from home now without the office equipment we once had which can play havoc on our bodies.

Becky Potts is the co-founder and director of Perfect Motion Physio in Midhurst. It was set up in 2013 alongside her husband Bill.

She is a clinical specialist in women’s health physiotherapy and pilates instructor and gives her advice on how to look after yourself when you are working from home.

She said: “Movement is key. You can have the best chair in the world, but if you’re stuck in the same position in it for too long, your body won’t thank you for it. Get up regularly, stand and walk around, stretch your neck, move your spine and shoulders - these are key tension areas with sitting, why not try sitting on a gym ball /stand up for periods of time to help encourage movement and fluidity to your seated position?”

Physio can help with a number of issues

The typical issues that Becky and the team see at the clinic for people who are working from home is poor quality desk set ups, chairs and office space.

The trap most people fall into is allowing their shoulders to round forwards and their chin following in that same direction too .

Becky said: “Try to create space, think of lengthening through your spine, open your shoulders to widen your collar bones and align your neck and head beautifully on top, imagining a helium balloon tied to the crown of your head and gently pulling you upwards.”

It is really important to get the right desk set up where your laptop is relative to your eye and wrist position. Bring your equipment to you - not you to your equipment.

Co-founder Becky

She said: “Take a walk over your lunch break - even if just to the end of the garden and back/ up and down the stairs or some yoga or pilates. It all counts. You will be able to hold a better postural position if you have allowed your body to move through the day - it reduces stiffness.

“Also, the occasional slump is fine. We are designed to move. So allow yourself to flop and slump a bit - it’s all good. Everything in moderation - variation is the spice of life.”

The business was set up in 2013 through a joint passion and love of physio, and having the ability to improve the workings of the incredible human body that we all live in.

Becky said: "Myself and my husband (and co-founder), Bill Potts, initially started working in private practices in Surrey and West Sussex when we moved to the area in 2010. A neighbour asked for some help with a bad back, then a friend of a friend and so on - word spread and we became busier and busier. We then ceased working for other clinics and have been 100 per cent PMP for years now. We love it."

The are two physios working with Perfect Motion Physio who also teach our PIlates classes - Eliza Wheeler and Kerry Newman and Ele Taunt - who keeps everything running so smoothly.

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