Eastbourne company works with the Post Office to provide service for ‘vulnerable individuals’

A commercial printer based in Eastbourne has worked with the Post Office on a cash dispensary service.

Zunoma, based in Brampton Road, has released a document in partnership with the Post Office (PO) on the financial technologies and support available to people following the pandemic.

According to Zunoma, around 93 per cent of the UK adult population have access to financial services, meaning almost five million UK residents are excluded from financial support or the associated benefits that come with having a bank account.

Acting off this, Zunoma has worked with the PO to develop the cash dispensary services Payout and Payout NOW!


Already the Payout and Payout NOW! services have helped 120 businesses across the UK to provide financial relief services to 18.3 million individuals, Zunoma says.

Martin Kearsley, banking and bill payments director at PO, said: “Our ‘Payout’ voucher service is a quick and easy way for the energy companies in particular to give credits to their customers or for local councils to get cash payments out to their most vulnerable residents.

“Our ability to move cash around the country quickly is a national infrastructure asset and can be used to provide much needed support to people in these times of uncertainty.”

Phil Ouzman, Managing Director at Zunoma, said: “The Payout and Payout NOW! services are ideal solutions for local government, suppliers and charities to issue payments to vulnerable individuals that may not have access to a bank account and offer some relief from financial strain.

“We are incredibly proud to have worked in partnership with the Post Office to ensure that such a service is now in place.”