From world tours to heirloom t-shirts in Lewes

Magnificent Stanley
Magnificent Stanley

As a wardrobe mistress Becky Belfield travelled the world touring with pop acts.

“I worked with people like Kylie Minogue, Take That, Robbie Williams, and McFly,” she reveals.



“I was at art college studying fashion and was on a year out to work in the industry.

“My brother was a chef on tour and told me that a new band were looking for a wardrobe mistress but they had no money, I said yes and the band turned out to be Busted. I did the job for 13 years.”

Becky’s last tour was with Robbie Williams and she worked until she was 36 weeks pregnant.

“You can’t tour with a child, so after I had my son I found myself at home. My husband is still a roadie so he is out on the road with those tours,” she says.

Magnificent Stanley

Magnificent Stanley

“I went from being really busy doing loads to just being at home with my baby and needed to do something creative.”

Tired with the clothes on the high street Becky wanted more personalised items for her son and so made him a babygro and blanket with his initial on.

“I see them as heirloom pieces, something you can keep even after your child grows out of them,” she says.

From here it grew to making items for friends

Magnificent Stanley

Magnificent Stanley

and as her son Herbie grew older so did her clothing range.

“The business has grown organically, I started with babygros and blankets and then as my son got older I started to make t-shirts, as he has grown so has the business but now I feel I have reached saturation point.”

And so in 2013 while at home with her son Magnificent Stanley was born.

“The business feels like my third baby,” the mum of two, Herbie is six and Hector is two, says.

“It is named after my cat Stanley my first baby in many ways.”

The items are personalised with either a letter or number made out of Liberty fabric.

“I have always loved Liberty print,” she explains.

“I always knew I wanted to use that fabric as it is timeless, it doesn’t date and is really classic.

“I choose the ones I like myself but I have a huge range people can choose from.

“I also like that people can keep the tops but I have found many people, especially with the numbers, pass them down to their other children.

“Both my sons had names beginning with H so I passed those tops down as they grew up.”

The t-shirts are from a factory and then the letters or numbers are hand drawn and then appliqued by hand.

“Once we get the order in, I start drawing,” she says.

It takes about three weeks but they try to get them out in two it just depends on if Becky is busy.

Key to Becky is collaborating with other independent businesses, people such as The Handmade Clothing Company based in Bedford.

“She stocks the same fabric as me so you can buy a top from me and then matching bottoms from her,” she explains.

“I think it is important to bring people up with you as you get more successful you help others out.”

This also includes being mindful of other people’s designs.

“My designs have been copied before,” she reveals.

“I have done the mama letter sweatshirts since about 2015, bloggers whad bought the kids ones and wanted matching ones for themselves,” she explains.

“People have requested ‘mama’ ones, but I feel people like Selfish Mother do those really well and I just don’t feel right doing it. I just feel the market is saturated so we need to all support each other.”

Since starting the business Becky hasn’t looked back.

“I get so much satisfaction from it, seeing people post on Instagram or people sending me lovely emails,” she smiles. “It is very rewarding.”

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Pictures: Gemma Mount


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